Ben Harad hails its roots from the Yemeni fashion scene and begun by proudly establishing itself as a Middle Eastern and Arabian fashion store. Since then, it has been one of the top brands offering a 5-star shopping experience for those looking for stylish modest clothing of quality, be it hijabs or abayas, jilbabs or other outerwear.

From the first day, when it was launched by Hana Bin Harad in 2007, the business was dedicated to providing a customer service which would be dependable and trustworthy so that whenever a shopper walks into the store, they cannot help but take home a piece of attire with an unique design which they haven’t seen before.
Probably, that is the reason why Ben Harad was able to branch out from the first, small store that it had in Birmingham to a business which thrives due to the support of its customers who cannot help but come back to find and buy whatever is new on offer.

As the profits kept doubling up, an online store was opened up to give the customers easy access to all the clothing collections so that the customers can now rest at home, place the order and have their faces light up with smiles as the beautiful garments get delivered. The customer base has now been expanded to include people from all over the UK and Ben Harad’s online store seems to be an initiative to sell their products to prospective customers from all over the world.

The CEO of Ben Harad has confessed that when she started thinking about how she was going to shape the business, the only thing on her mind was how to work hard to provide diverse designs and good quality material when it came to modest wear. She looked for inspiration anywhere and everywhere until she realized that there was nothing better than their place of origin, Yemen, to find design and aesthetic inspirations from.

The women of Yemen are used to covering their heads as a sign of modesty no matter whether they are from the urban or the rural areas and thus have learnt more than a thousand ways of tying up the headdresses. The headdresses range from kerchiefs to hijabs, veils to scarves and even straw hats. The two sisters who opened Ben Harad finally woke up to the fact that people who are in love with vintage national clothing across the world might want to buy the heavily embellished pieces of hijab to carry on their rich cultural heritage and as the success of the business tells us, their plan was a reasonable one.

The owners of Ben Harad have managed to challenge the traditional notions of what Arabian and Islamic fashion should be like and have expanded the boundaries. The only hope that Ben Harad has as a fashion store is that you would enjoy using the products as much as they enjoy creating the unique designs so that you have something new to add to your closet.