Arabs are known for their perfumes and their unique making. Scented Oils and Oud (wood) are the main ingredients that continue to award to flusher the Arabs with accolades. With the solvent of most Arab perfumes being an oils it means they are able to stick to your clothes for a very long time. Often times they are put in the skin as they warm and emanate Unlike the synthetic, alcohol-based perfumes that evaporate quickly. Arabian perfumes can also be used to spray in homes for a warming sent, They can eliminate bad odours or give a welcoming mood.

Arabian perfumes made of the finest ingredients continue to deliver a olfactory impression with the strong heavy scents. There is a variety of scents that the perfumes come in all personalized by the manufacturers. Afnaan is one of many perfume manufacturers that stand out for their large range of perfumes such as Oud 24 Hours, Dirham Gold and Hanoon Al Qalb, Ajmal Perfume.

Oud 24 hours: has the main accords of warm spicy, sweet, cacao, balsamic, patchouli and fruity. This infused it one bottle is worn by men and women, favored for its oriental fragrance. It’s warm scents making it ideal for winter and fruitiness lasts in spring.

Dirham gold: has its top notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose, vetiver and sandalwood; hearted with citrus and vanilla; based with sweet citrus and pineapple. This all rounded pleasant warm fragrance is worn day to day for a dazzling scent and evocation of the rosy Persian dawn.

Hanoon Al-galb:

It is a long lasting perfume oil delivered in a well-presented glass bottle, crafted with gold and black accents. This perfume ideal for a fresh, floral oriental scent. It is Unlike other perfumes with only a few drops a scent would last the whole day. Top notes of white frieze, green marsh and pepper light Base notes of Labdanum, Sandalwood, Thames, Cedar wood, Leather Notes are found after jasmine, ibiscus and rose.

These simply irresistible perfumes made of treasured ingredients that are intricately blended with pressious Ouds (woods) and spices such as those myrrh and frankincense by Ard al Zaafaran. Perfumes, ouds, oils and bakhoors made by Ard al Zaafaran go through a long process of making. They start of with the selection of intense and distinctive exotic fragrances.






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