Dehn El Ood Mubarak By Swiss Arabian Perfume 6ML


Dehn El Ood Mubarak is inspired by the precious golden scent of oud, and is blended carefully using oud of heady heights of sublime quality.

Prized above other ingredients, the best oud comes from the oldest trees and is not to be rushed. As the scent matures into a unique fragrant essence, it becomes more valuable, more treasured, more coveted. This is the distinguished oud from which Dehn El Ood Mubarak is created. As each layer of scent, oud upon oud, emerges and reveals itself, each facet is different yet the same. You have a veil of golden richness, bounteous and luxuriant. Then the woody facets emerge, adding texture to this precious jewel. As intensity builds, more of this gilded treasure is revealed, lending you an aura of the purest, finest form of oud.

Dehn El Ood Mubarak is a unisex concentrated perfume oil. It can be worn all year round.

The priceless gift of pure oud.