Jannet El Firdaus by Nabeel 40g


Jannet El Firdaus by Nabeel Home Fragrance Incense Aroma 40g

• Top note: Lemon, Cloves
• Middle note: Geranium, Jasmine, Violet
• Base note: Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Musk

· Become enticed within this bakhoor with an amazing aromatic sensation that tops even the use of Incense sticks or candle sticks.
· Experience perfect meditation with this bakhoor as you would with meditation candles, as this beats patchouli incense sticks, Sage sticks, white sage incense sticks, and others alike.
· Arabian scent of Nabeel Bakhour
· Smell the amazing scents slathering these sandalwood pieces to produce sandalwood incense.
· If you’re ever tired of the smells emitted from the incense burner, you can always use air freshener to overlap the smells; al-rehab air freshener tend to work best.

Burning Time: If using traditionally on charcoal – Take a piece of charcoal & heat it with a small flame (lighter/cooker) for about 60 seconds until it becomes red hot. Place the red hot coal on the incense burner with tongs. Place one piece of the Bakhoor on the charcoal and scented smoke will diffuse very quickly. This can also be used on electric incense burners or with natural candle sticks.