Tekram Ayounek Eau De Perfume 100ml


TEKRAM AYOUNEK by Ard Al Zaafaran a natural spray sweet perfume full of aromas of amber, rose and sandalwood. It is slightly sweet vanilla scent, nicely caramelized, with a lot of fruit and cedar wood blended. Using this smell gets into your mind away, where Scheherazade tells her stories and where dreams become reality. Relax your mind and let yourself be charmed by this oriental fragrance cocktail. It is packed in a beautiful elegant bottle and a beautiful outer box.

Tekram Ayounek by Ard Al Zaafaran is a strong scent which consists of tart, rich woody accords with a Rose-Geranium core sprinkled with Citrus oil and spices in the initial scent note and muffled Patchouli and Amber in the base note. Long lasting and captivating.