Violet Amber For Her Eau De Perfume 100ml


Violet Amber

She Sat Across The Table Drinking Her Coffee. As She Looked Across The Room, She Saw A Little Girl Delighted To Be Having Her First Taste Of Caviar. She Couldn’t Help But Remember The First Time She Went To A Restaurant, Le Bernardin. The Anticipation After The Reservations Were Made, The Delicious Food, The Excitement Of Meeting Eric Ripert, A Chef Her Mother Admired. And Now Here She Was, A Regular Customer Who Spent Her Evenings At This Restaurant.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top :Fresh Citrus,Lemon,Orange
  • Base :Anise/Nutmeg,Black Pepper, Artemisia/Lavender ,Eucalyptus
  • Bottom : Vetiver,Patchouli,Moss

*Perfect for a gift.