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Confidential Platinum Perfume 100ml EDP

Confidential Platinum Perfume 100ml EDP

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Confidential Private Gold Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a must-have for anyone who wants to feel confident and fabulous. An irresistible blend of bergamot, citrus, cypress, black pepper, incense, marine, woody, ambergris, labdanum, moss, and musk creates a truly unique and unforgettable scent that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re headed to a black-tie event or want to feel like a million bucks, Confidential Platinum will surely make you feel fabulous.

  • Base Notes:  Bergamot, Citrus Fruit, Cypress, Black Pepper
  • Middle / Heart Notes:  Incense, Marine Flower, Woody Notes
  • Top Notes: Ambergris, Labdanum, Moss, Musk
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