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Freesia Pear For Him Eau De Perfume 100ml

Freesia Pear For Him Eau De Perfume 100ml

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Freesia Pear

He Sipped His Coffee As He Waited Patiently For His Restaurant To Be Called Out, At Least He Hoped It Would. The 3 Michelin Stars Were His Life’s Mission. He’d Worked For 20 Years, From A Simple Intern To The Owner Of The Hottest Restaurant In Town. Today Would Be The Day. He’d Sourced The Finest Ingredients, Hired The Best Chefs In The Industry And Catered To The Ultra-Wealthy Who Seemed To Always Come Back For More. As The Host Walked To The Podium, He Took A Deep Confident Breath, He Was Sure He Would Get His 3 Stars.

Fragrance notes:

  • Top : Bergamot,Pear.
  • Base : Rose,Freesia,Waterlily
  • Bottom : Musk,Patchouli,Amber

*Perfect for a gift.

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