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Musk Swiss By Swiss Arabian Perfume 45ML

Musk Swiss By Swiss Arabian Perfume 45ML

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Swiss Musk is a fragrance to be cherished, with its joyful bouquets of traditional floral notes and accents of the finest musky woods.

Swiss Musk has an extravagantly beautiful opening, bursting with juicy peaches, delicate lily of the valley and the feel-good notes of aldehydes. This blue-sky opening melts deliciously into a border of irresistible florals: with satin roses, peppery geraniums and gentle ylang ylang. This bouquet of flowers is dusted gently with powdery notes as it surrenders into its soft base notes. Surrounded by musk and the velvet woods of sandalwood and cedar, Swiss Musk wraps you in musky woods that leave a long lasting trail, making you impossible to resist.

Swiss Musk is a unisex musky, woody fragrance. It is ideal for evening wear in cooler seasons.

A fragrant embrace.

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