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Sondos Perfume 100ml EDP

Sondos Perfume 100ml EDP

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Sondos Perfume, an Eau De Parfum, offers a luxurious fragrance that seamlessly combines gentle, soft notes with more robust and intense elements. Sondos, crafted by Lattafa, unveils top notes of cedar, citrus, and rose, followed by middle notes of floral essences, oud, pink pepper, and grapefruit, and finally, base notes of oud, amber, woody tones, cedar, and patchouli. This exceptional and distinctive blend of aromas weaves a unique olfactory journey brimming with enigma, evoking feelings of strength, bravery, and self-assurance. If you're in search of an exclusive fragrance that will make you feel exceptionally remarkable, consider experiencing Lattafa's Sondos today.

  • Top Notes: Cedar, Citrus, Rose.
  • Middle Notes: Flowers, Oud, Pink Pepper, Grapefruit.
  • Base Notes: Oud, Amber, Woody Notes, Cedar, Patchouli.
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