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Taj Al Aroosah Concentrated 20ml

Taj Al Aroosah Concentrated 20ml

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The perfume from Al-Rehab smells sweetly fruity notes blending with flowers and precious woods.

The introduction belongs to the yellow melon with a gentle touch of green tones, to which is added bergamot with its freshness and takes with it the fruity taste of watermelon. The floral echoes of a flowering cactus at night, freesias and beautiful roses stretch out into raspberries and a luxurious iris with its tenderly woody trail with a sweetish echo. It continues with sandalwood and soft warm ambergris.

The finish dissolves directly in vanilla dust and the sensual purity of musk.

  • Top notes of melon, cereus, bergamot and watermelon
  • Middle notes of freesia, raspberry, milk and rose
  • Base notes of iris, sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla
  • Bottle contains 20ml attar
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