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Vie Ciel (Elements Of Life) 80ml EDP By FA Paris

Vie Ciel (Elements Of Life) 80ml EDP By FA Paris

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A fragrance that captures the essence of a colourful and captivating journey through aromatic spices and earthy elements.

At the heart of Vie Ciel, a vibrant blend of precious spices takes centre stage. The mild pungency of pink pepper adds a dry and intriguing quality to the composition, while the oriental notes of saffron create a velvety and luxurious aroma, evoking a sense of exoticism and depth.

As the fragrance evolves, the base notes come into play, leaving a mesmerizing trail that is woven with bitter, smoky undertones and the richness of olibanum. These elements add a touch of mystery and allure to the scent. The earthy vetiver root shades further enhance the composition, providing a grounding and earthy quality that balances the spiciness.

The base notes are completed by the sensational presence of amber, which adds warmth and depth to the fragrance. It wraps the composition in a sensual embrace, leaving a lasting impression.

Vie Ciel is a fragrance that takes you on a sensory journey, enveloping you in a tapestry of aromatic spices, earthy tones, and sensual accords. It invites you to explore the rich and vibrant world of Vie Ciel, where each note intertwines to create a captivating olfactory experience.

  • Notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron, Olibanum, Vetiver, Amber
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